Yard Rules are Applicable to all Persons on Site.

Guidance for Customers

  • When you first arrive on the yard just let John or a member of staff know you’re here.
  • Always wear a hard hat and gloves when handling horses.
  • Don’t use mobile phones whilst handling horses.
  • Young children should be supervised at all times and not left alone with horses at all. Horses can be very dangerous!
  • Never enter stables /fields without staff permission/ or being accompanied.
  • Please don’t feed any horses or ponies without first obtaining permission from a member of staff.
  • You are very welcome to spend time grooming/helping with the horses but please speak to a member of staff so that we can make sure you are safe


Riders must wear

  • Jodphurs, breeches or comfortable trousers (not tight fitting or jeans)
  • A top that covers shoulders and arms.
  • Shoes or boots with heels – no trainers. Jodhpur boots are cheap and comfortable and can be used with chaps to cover the calf which stops chaffing.
  • Riding gloves can be comfortable if you have sensitive skin
  • Body protectors
  • Waterproof jacket for riding in the rain