Own a Pony Days

Own a Pony days are bucket loads of fun for the children whilst instilling confidence and responsibility.

To join an Own a Pony Day, you must already have gained some experience with horses and be comfortable at walk , trot and canter.

The aim of our days is for children to learn what’s involved in caring for your own pony, and they will be supervised in all aspects of stable management, including the less glamorous jobs.

Own a pony day

We don’t take many children when we run an Own a Pony Day, so you are guaranteed that your child will get their own pony plus the attention they need throughout their day at the stables.

They’ll enjoy loads of riding under instruction, some ridden and non ridden competitions, stable management ad even some woodland hacking if weather permits.

The days run from 9 til 4 and costs £60.


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