Schooling livery in Derbyshire at Holme Farm

There are many reasons why we have people come with their horses for schooling livery.  Quite often it is just a short break that is needed, whilst in other cases a bit more time and patience will get better results.

Problem solving or just bettering your own skills

Quite often we see horses that have proved more challenging than expected and the owner decides to get some professional help to get back on track.   Something like this cannot be rushed and we work closely with the owner to develop a plan and show the progress as it happens.

Other times some of you are looking to move up levels within Dressage or Showjumping and that alone is challenging so once again we work daily with you to target the areas that need to be worked on.  This sort of one to one experience really helps the horse to gain the positive attitude to the new challenges which makes your life so much easier.

Please get in touch with the office to discuss.