Breaking livery in Derbyshire

The beginning of any young horses ridden career is critical to its future development.  We pride ourselves on taking a very pragmatic and quiet approach to breaking all of the horses that come to us and the results speak for themselves.

Slowly gaining confidence

All of our work be it from the ground or ridden is progressive, allowing the young horse plenty of time to adjust and gain the confidence needed to build trust.

We actively encourage our owners to observe in the early stages and as the horses step up in their training we ask the owner to interact at various stages.   It is important that the young horse recognises the owner and builds the bond from the early stages.

Training includes lungeing, long reining, backing, riding away in the school and around the woodland. All of this is supervised by a qualified and experienced team member so you are not left alone during those early days.

Please get in touch with the office to discuss.